Bass Harvest Music Festival returns for its 4th year!

*We are an 18+ event*

This event is dedicated to being home-grown, featuring local and regional talent and the work of many artists, staff, and volunteers. Our focus is to create a community that passionately advocates musical intention, artistic talent, love, and above all else: family. (see also: "Bass Music").

Stemming from the arts field of the Burning Man Community, members of Audio-Feel-Ya, Mind Field, and crew strive to put on an audio/visual experience unlike any that you've come across before. With an intense focus on creating an artistic environment for our patrons, we hand craft our stages, and spaces, to be fully immersive along with the experience of the event.

Our Friends from Mind Field Music and Arts Festival, and Bunk Buddha, have teamed up with us this year, and are going to be facilitating the Stone Circle Stage, broadening our spectrum, and enhancing the flavor. Together, we will work to make Bass Harvest not only spectacular, but also to create a safe space where we all look out for each other within our community, and network.

Audio Feel Ya will once again be providing our vibrant transducer dance floor, shaking with the bass frequency, it combines feeling with sound, and sound with feeling.

Camp Bourbon will…. Well, they’re Camp Bourbon. If you know already, you know, if you don’t, you can look for them downstairs! (*Theme camps are highly encouraged at Bass Harvest!*)

This year, we’ll be adding more games, workshops, and vendors. There will be more lights, there will be more sound, and yes, there will be something to light on fire as well.

There is a LOT more coming… Stay tuned.