Welcome to the Bass Harvest Music Festival

This years event will be September 22-24 2017

Tickets will be limited to 1200.

Four Quarters Farm, Artemas, PA

Bass Harvest is proud to present one of the heaviest producers of Dubstep in America, AxH. For nearly 2 decades as first Prodigal Son and now AxH, he has supported the underground bass music scene releasing worldwide. In 2013 he was the first American producer to be signed exclusively to Tempa Records and continues to push the boundaries with his deep, dark, and heavy style. We were looking to bring a strong representative of the amazing world of deep dubstep this year and AxH delivers in magnitude.

Additionally, we are excited to feature two unique live performance focused acts that bring something you don't see at every music festival.

Spinscott performs all live loop free jungle mixed with classic tracks for a flow unlike any other that has brought him acclaim and attention by promoters and leading gear manufacturers in the industry. He has appeared in over 30 cities and is fast making his name as a prolific and unique performance artist in the scene.

DJ Throdown brings more live performance representing the best in turntablism the region has to offer. As winner of the 2017 DMC Regional DJ Competition held in Pittsburgh, 2015 US finalist and 2016 World finalist, it’s safe to say we are bringing you a champion level act in the arts of turntable mastery.

Supported by the best in regional talent representing both established long time pillars of the scene and hot up and coming acts, Bass Harvest brings you the choice pics. Featuring two all hand built custom sound systems tuned to perfection, lights and lasers from Moving 4Ward Music, Audio-Feel-Ya’s vibrating dance floor experience, and the unique and magical setting of Four Quarters in Artemis, PA, a feature and destination in and of itself with nightly drum circles, swimming, and choice camping environment, Bass Harvest is the perfect cap to your summer festival experience.

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